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Rigid Solar Kits

Our rigid solar panel kits are ideal for those who want a reliable power source on the go. Click here to learn more.

Rigid Solar Kit

Rigid Solar Kits

Reliable Power On The Go

If you are looking for a solar panel kit that is not going to break the bank, then you have come to the right place.

Our team have the knowledge and experience you need to make a solid decision, not to mention that we can also provide you with everything you need to get your solar panels up and running.

We can offer everything from a campervan solar panel kit to solar panels for your shed. In fact, when you come to us, you should know that we are able to give you the advice you need regarding what power you need when choosing a solar panel kit for shed use, or when choosing a camping solar panel kit for the first time.

If you want to find out more about our solar panel kits or if you are interested in picking up a rigid solar panel kit for your campervan, then look below.

About Our Rigid Solar Panel Kits

Our solar panel kits are more than suitable for marine environments, whether it is fresh or saltwater.

They are ideal for everything from campers to vans and even boats, not to mention that they can effectively help you to maintain your battery whilst on the road. They are ideal for keeping your small appliances running and the alternative power source can be a fantastic way for you to avoid any power outage disasters when you’re travelling.

Another thing to know about our solar panels is that they are resistant to even the harshest weather conditions, and the solar cells are able to maximise energy production from sunlight.

This makes them far more efficient when compared to other solar panels on the market, not to mention that they are built to last, thanks to the solid construction and durable framing.

Rigid Solar Panel
Rigid Solar Kits

A Convenient and Affordable Way to Access Solar Power

We sell everything you need to set up your very own solar panels. We sell cables, DC switches, battery connectors and even MC4 connectors.

When you come through us, you will be glad to know that we can also advise you on the type of solar panel you need and the power that you may want to look for according to your needs.

If you have never bought a solar panel before or if you want to make sure that the solar panel you are buying is suitable for its purpose then you will be glad to know that our team specialise in electronics, so we will always make sure that what you buy is perfect for your needs.

If you want to find out more about our products, our team or what we can offer you, then we highly recommend that you give our team a call at 0121 421 2555. If you want, you can email us at Our team will then work with you to make sure that you are happy with the product choice you have made while also ensuring that you are getting something that not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them.