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360W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel Kit

360W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel Kit


This high efficiency, waterproof 360W semi-flexible solar panel kit is perfect for permanent outdoor use to provide free electricity for charging 12V or 24V batteries to power various applications. The panel is ideal for flat or curved roofs, such as on boats, caravans, motorhomes, RVs etc as it can easily fit to the shape of the roof when mounted. Flexible Solar Panels are a lightweight, easy to install solution to access off-grid energy, anywhere. They are perfectly suited for vehicles and boats where a flat mounting surface is not available. Having the ability to flex allows them to be installed on angled roofs, ridged roofs and pop top campers. 360W Semi Flexible Solar Panel Kit Includes:

  • 360W mono fibreglass solar panel
  • Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 30A solar charge controller
  • Cable gland
  • 2x5m 4.0mm cable
  • Kraus & Naimer single string DC switch 25A 450V - 11A 920V
  • 3m battery cable 10mm2 with fuse
  • MC4 connectors (pair)


360W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel Specifications:

  • Peak power: 360W
  • Maximum power voltage: 41.2V
  • Maximum power current: 8.9A
  • Open circuit voltage: 49.6V
  • Short circuit current: 9.3A
  • Dimensions: 2035 x 1000 x 2 mm
  • Weight: 6.82 kg

Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 30A solar charge controller specifications:

– The most advanced MPPT technology to ensure high efficiency (> 95%) of your solar system
– Fully automated operation and auto 12 / 24V selection
– 2 pairs of terminals (solar panel, battery) for wires up to 13mm2
– Inbuilt bluetooth
– Max solar panel voltage: 100V
– Max solar panel power: 440W (12V) / 880W (24V)
– Temperature sensor for automatic compensation (-16mV °C resp. -32mV °C)
– Comprehensive electronic protection features
– Communication port: RS232 / TTL for VE Direct accessories
– Self-consumption: 10mA
– Working temperature: -30°C to +60°C
– IEC/EN certified
– Enclosure: IP43 (electronic components) / IP22 (connection area)
– Pollution Degree rating: PD3
– Dimensions: 186 x 130 x 70 mm
– Mounting dimensions: 175 x 75 mm
– Weight: 1.3kg
– 4 x mounting holes for ease of installation


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